I am a Sport Entrepreneur – what R U?

This project will work with one of the few strong motivators and drivers of youth interest available: sport.
There are two major motivators for engaging and immersing young people: creative media (including social networking, gaming, music and video) and sport (including taking part in sport and following sport).

The project will bring these two motivators: the sport interest is the key driver of engagement and learning, and the creative media is the co-driver of engagement and learning.
Sport, sport eventing and sport entrepreneuring is one of the most promising emerging economies across EU, offering a rich exploration field for the youth and offering various future perspectives including creation of income.

The young people’ capacity building in the field of sport will produce learning and experience in the sport field, but will at the same time generate strong and transferable general entrepreneurial competence that can be put in play in any societal field of activity.

The creation of such general entrepreneurial mindsets is also expected to have a strong and positive impact of the youth engagement and performance in the formal education system: entrepreneurial mentality is an enabler of learning.


R U SportEnt aims to:

  • Promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people.
  • Use non-formal learning in new and more “aggressive” ways to develop capacity along young people in ways that schools are not able (the new roles of non-formal learning aspect)
  • Create project practice that takes the young people through all the stages and levels of working in real-life projects and inserting learning elements when needed (the learning through real-life projects aspect)
  • Include in the young people’s projects a strong entrepreneurial reality and economic dimension
  • Allow the young people to take their media and social networking skills to a new and entrepreneurial level
  • Involve the young people in documenting what they learn through the project’s practice – with creative media (EuroPass 2.0)
  • A very strong European dimension integrated in the very core capacity building (sport entrepreneuring is by definition transnational)
  • Develop entrepreneurial competences at the same time addressing social needs among young people in the communities – the social responsibility dimension
  • Develop (some of) the young people into leaders, role-models and mentors, including at transnational level (the portal approach)
  • Give the missions strong and serious goals, such as sport events or the establishment of an association or the sustainable financing of a new service in the community
  • The project will bring two motivators: sport interest (including taking part in sport and following sport) is the key driver of engagement and learning, and the creative media is (including social networking, gaming, music and video) the co-driver of engagement and learning.


University of East London (UEL)

Pere Tarres Foundation (FPT)

ASP Youth and Sports Club

IEBA Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais

European Cultural and Technological Centre Maribor (EKTC Maribor)

Crosskovacsi Sport and Environmental Association

Beachklub Ládví

University of Thessaly – UTH

Working with Europe-Treballant amb Europa Associació